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Majestic Insights Radio with Karey Keith, an intuitive coach, healer, teacher and medium. Karey strives to bring a higher sense of learning and awareness to people who are ready to meet the challenge of becoming their potential. She blends techniques and ancient wisdom to design a path for your unlimited success and happiness.We believe in happy, healthy and vibrantly living. We teach you to design life your way with tools and awareness. We shine light on your truths in a way that allows you to own your choices with love and discernment. No matter the current story you are living or have endured, you can rewrite your story and energy field into your wildest dreams. It is our goal to assist you in living your life's design fully.Majestic Insights is growing into an online resource of Tools for Transformation and resource center for people to learn and grow. We coach mind body and spirit as we ready you for higher frequency living and peace. Karey specializes in intuitive divorce coaching, helping you find and manage your own kind of magic and chronic pain management. She will teach tools and tricks for achieving balance by managing your energies. Guests will be informative and offer insight in these areas. We will cover Intuition by offering you the energetic soul readings or channeling Source, your Masters and guides to help you understand higher insights. We connect soul to soul, as well as, see free will and current trends. This easy story style will give you a perspective in understanding the whole energetic pattern and how manage it. Classes to teach you how to do this and remove the illusion of separateness for yourself are also available. Our show topics are intuition, energy management and may paths of achieving this like hypnotherapy, Theta, Rabika's intuition class, Akashic records institute, highly accurate psychic medium readings, Channels, past lives and soul healings. Chronic pain management like cranial sacral therapy, Rolfing, 7 day Hellerwork, massage, reiki, nutrition, distant, instant and magnetic healings, etc. Transitional coaching means Karey coaches you through transitions like marriage, divorce, relationships of all types, health, moving through the circumstance with ease and efficiency is the goal of Majestic Insights.


  • Yeshua's Birthday with Kaarin Alisa


    Kaarin Alisa, bestselling author of the book Bare Bones – The Unabridged Life of Yeshua son of Joseph, joins us to discuss her favorite subject, Yeshua, known to many as Jesus. Christmas is the season many celebrate his birth and his teachings. And as wonderful as the holiday is, it's not the actual time he was born. Kaarin will discuss and the widely misunderstood circumstances of his birth and the power of love as the pillar of this great man's teachings.

  • Gratitude Attitude with Kaarin Alisa


    Kaarin Alisa returns to talk with us about gratitude and the changes that come into our lives when gratitude is the base-line attitude that permeates our live. Kaarin is fond of calling gratitude 'the beginning and the end.' Gratitude is also the grease that slicks our manifestations.

  • Dive Into Your Soul's Destiny with Petra Moser


    Petra Moser is an expert Psychic, Medium, Seer of the Future Past Lives Spiritual Teacher Mentor. Dive into your Destiny with Petra as your guide. Her desire is to communicate the intricate details of many healing modalities in a way that makes easily makes sense and that you can quickly understand, integrate, and become part of your personal journey.

  • 100x your life in 2016: a game plan with Erica Glessing


    Join Erica Glessing, CEO of Happy Publishing and world class psychic medium, on an adventure designed to create and generate 100x results. It all starts with lifting your vibration and expectations.

  • Bare Bones the Book – A First Look with Kaarin Alisa


    Kaarin Alisa, author of the book Bare Bones – The Unabridged Life of Yeshua son of Joseph from Galilee, will join us and talk about the man called Yeshua, known to many as Jesus. She'll tell us what it was like to collaborate with him on this, his autobiography. You'll also get a sneak peek at some of the details revealed in Bare Bones that revolutionize our understanding of this man and his life. Prepare to be astounded.

  • End Stress – Four Steps to Rewire Your Brain with Don Joseph Goewey


    Don Joseph Goewey will join us to discuss his groundbreaking new book, The End of Stress. The End of Stress provides a proven, step-by-step approach to achieving a stress-resilient change in you. The book’s unique design creates a workshop-inside-a-book. Follow its simple program, and in four weeks, you will generate the positive changes in brain function that will elevate your life.

  • Grab Happiness with Kaarin Alisa


    Kaarin Alisa will join us and talk about the 7 simple steps you can take to bring more happiness into your life. Happiness is foundational to a long life and higher vibrational levels of being. You will learn that happiness doesn't come from anyone or anything outside you – it's a gift you give to yourself. And nicely, the path to more happiness is easy and fun!

  • The Dreams of Mattie Fitch with Bonnie Mashack


    "Your Dreams are Your Reality Asleep, Wake Them Up.” Come join us for this extraordinary journey in discovering your dreams. Let Mattie, Bonnie and Karey help you choose the path of discovery and divine purpose.

  • Visibility Vessel with Astra Spider


    Become visible. Become the vessel and attract all you are meant to be! Join Majestic Insights and Astra Spider in today's journey of becoming the visibility vessel to attract your wildest desires for happiness, health and wealth!

  • Sacred Journeys with Susan Duval


    Susan Duval shares her experience and spectacular seminars with us. She is a Master at creating the sacred journey and healing to extraordinary places with extraordinary people. She will create the perfect group trip for you too! Come share the experience with us.

  • Relationship Transitions with Karey Keith of Majestic Insights Radio


    Karey and Dr. Pat talk about how relationships grow and change as we do or not. It is important to honor yourself as you expand vs. holding back to fit into a broken mold. Learn how to honor these changes, create new habits, make turning point decisions, accept other people's reactions while designing a game plan that aligns with your soul and purpose.

  • Majestic Ways


    Majestic Insights Coaching is about awareness and balance. We help keep you aligned to Source energy for a Life by Design. Discover what Majestic has to offer you in meeting your potiential and beyond.

  • Whole Life Make-Over with Edie Weinstein


    When you hear the word ‘makeover,’ what comes to mind? Likely some visible physical changes. Maybe a gorgeous new wardrobe, dazzling jewelry, or a fresh and funky hairstyle. How would it be to look within and do some attitudinal adjustment, taking you from where you are to where you want to be?

  • Listening to Animals with Adele Coon


    Adele Lewis Coon is the author of Listening to Animals: Wildlife Rehabilitation, Exotic Pets, Telepathic Animal Communication and a Remarkable Journey from Atheism to Spiritualism. She helps us explore animal telepathy on many levels. She shares her journey to Source through compassion and love of animals.

  • Happy Publishing by Erica Glessing


    Happy publishing will share a collection of best sellers like "The Energy of Healing", "The Energy of Receiving" and "The energy of Happiness" edited by Erica Glessing. She is a moving force in publishing helping authors turn their dreams into reality. Erica's expertise will inspire and empower.

  • Money Moxie Connection with Astra Spider


    We will share tips to support you in strengthening your Money Moxie – so you can BE the Abundance Alchemist you are here on Earth to be! Astra Spider is a Law of Attraction Wealth practitioner who will share her toolbox to align us as one with Wealth. "The Empowered Soulpreneur" is the title of her inspiring ebook.

  • Rabika- Guidance for Today with Kaarin Alisa


    Dwelling on the past and divining on the future will only get you so far. To make real-world, right-now decisions, you need to know what energies are affecting you and a situation right now. The Rabika Oracle offers just that – guiding you with the wisdom of the present moment.

  • Divine Purpose with Founder of Akashic Records Institute, Patricia Missakian


    The blue print of our soul resides in the Akashic Records and by accessing these records we can live with divine purpose. Aligning with our divine purpose allows enlightenment, healing and prosperity. The founder of Akashic Records Institute, Patricia Missakian, believes together we can elevate the vibrations of the planet and individually play our part in the transformation of Earth.

  • Meet Majestic Insights Radio Host Karey Keith-Navigating Life's Transitions


    People often find change in relationships, career or personal growth to be scary, hard or sad. From your soul's perspective it often is an out to allow a better life. Let us use awareness and strategy to guide you from this phase to the next with a knowing and confidence for living life by design.