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Ian Whitcomb is an entertainer, singer, songwriter, author, record producer and actor. As part of the British Invasion, his hit song You Turn Me On reached number 8 on Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1965. He has written several books on popular music, beginning with After the Ball in 1972. He accompanies his singing by playing the ukulele and, through his records, concerts, and film work, has helped to stimulate the current revival of interest in the instrument. He can be found at ianwhitcomb.com and hosts a weekly show on ErrorFM.com and SiriusXM 165.


  • Ian Whitcomb 93 - Very Old Jazz

    23/01/2013 Duración: 01h33s


  • Ian Whitcomb 88 - My Ragtime Pals

    05/11/2012 Duración: 57min

    Ian Whitcomb 88 - My Ragtime Pals Ian Whitcomb - Les Temps Du Chiffon Ian Whitcomb - I'm Certainly Living A Ragtime Life Ian Whitcomb & Dick Zimmerman - Kind Chanticleer Max Morath - The Real American Folk Song Is A Rag / Rialto Ripples Max Morath - Come After Breakfast The Pacific Coast Ragtimers - All Muddled Up The Pacific Coast Ragtimers - Solace Fredrick Hodges & Adam Swanson - Take Me Out To The Ballgame Fredrick Hodges & Adam Swanson - Canadian Capers Bo Grumpus - Dallas Rag Bryan Wright - Flashes Adam Swanson & Ian Whitcomb - Waiting For The Robert E Lee Ian Whitcomb & Dick Zimmerman - Don't Say Goodbye Miss Ragtime

  • Ian Whitcomb 84 - Disco Madness

    02/10/2012 Duración: 01h40s

    Ian Whitcomb 84 - Disco Madness! Van McCoy w/ The Soul City Symphony - The Hustle Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime George McCrae - Rock Your Baby Vicky Sue Robinson - Turn The Beat Around Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa Amii Stewart - Knock On Wood Donna Summer - I Feel Love Claudja Barry - Boogie Woogie Dancin' Shoes Electric Light Orchestra - Daybreaker Village People - Macho Man Village People - YMCA The Ritchie Family - The Best Disco In Town Musique - In The Bush Ian Whitcomb - Stranglers In The Night David Shire - Night On Disco Mountain

  • Ian Whitcomb 83 - Settle Down

    25/09/2012 Duración: 01h03s

    Ian Whitcomb 83 - Settle Down! Bill Doggett - The Hully Gully Lonnie Johnson - You Always Want Me When You're Lonely Ian Whitcomb - Rough Trade Interview: The Real Don Steele Ted Lewis - I'm Sure Of Everything But You Johnny Marvin - Yours and Mine Fanny Brice - Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love Eric Coates - Music While You Work Billy Cotton - Two on a Tandem Ian Whitcomb - I'm Happy When I'm Hiking Jack & Jill - Keep Your Last Goodnight For Me Ukulele Ike - June Night Charlie Fry & His Million Dollar Pier Orchestra (Vocal: Johnny Marvin) - My Wife's In Europe Ted Lewis - Three O'Clock In The Morning Billy Cotton - Ever So Slightly Late Vera Lynn - Up The Wooden Hill To Bedfordshire Frank Munn - When You Come To The End Of The Day Ian Whitcomb - The House Of Dreams

  • Ian Whitcomb 82 - A Night At Cantalini's

    18/09/2012 Duración: 59min

    Ian Whitcomb 82 - A Night At Cantalini's Ian Whitcomb & Adam Swanson - March Cantalini Ian Whitcomb - Blue Ken Dodd - Promises Ian Whitcomb - A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody Ian Whitcomb - Au Bal Musette Ian Whitcomb - Somebody Stole My Gal Annette Hanshaw - Daddy Won't You Please Come Home? Ian Whitcomb - C-U-B-A Fred Sokolow - Jitterbug Waltz Felix Mendelssohn's Hawaiian Serenaders - Sweet Gardenia Lei Ian Whitcomb - I Wonder Where My Hula Girl Has Gone Bill Haley & His Comets - Shake, Rattle & Roll Ian Whitcomb - Are You Lonesome Tonight? Ian Whitcomb - Painted, Tainted Rose Ian Whitcomb - Meow! Tom Marion - Idolizing Will Ryan - My Horse Likes Accordion Music Regina & Ian Whitcomb - Do I Love You? Yes, I Do! Ian Whitcomb - I Still Get A Thrill Ian Whitcomb - Good Night

  • Ian Whitcomb 81 - More Airchecks

    11/09/2012 Duración: 59min

    Ian Whitcomb 81 - More Airchecks! Ian Whitcomb - March Cantalini Les Paul & Mary Ford - I'm A Fool to Care Ian Whitcomb - I Was A Fool Elvis Presley - Rip It Up Frank Chacksfield - Little Red Monkey Aircheck #1: The Paul Wallach Show - KIEV Billy Cotton - In A Golden Coach David Whitfield - Answer Me The Chaz McDevitt Skiffle Group - Sportin' Life Adam Faith - What Do You Want? Aircheck #2: Curtis Harrington on The Ian Whitcomb Show - KPCC Ian Whitcomb - Dancing Partners Ian Whitcomb - You're The One

  • Ian Whitcomb 80 - Air Chex Daze

    05/09/2012 Duración: 59min

    Ian Whitcomb 80 - Air Chex Daze! Ian Whitcomb - Yomping Ian Whitcomb - Bony Moronie Aircheck: KVI Seattle WA 1963 Ian Whitcomb - The Awful Tale of Maggie May Ian Whitcomb - Saucy Seaside Sue Aircheck: WDRC Hartford CT 1965 Aircheck: WMCA New York NY 1965 Aircheck: KLAF Butte MT 1967 Lord Rockingham's XI - Hoots Mon! Interview: Jack Good, Los Angeles 1968 Gene Vincent - Be-Bop-A-Lula Aircheck: KROQ Pasadena CA 1981 Ian Whitcomb - (I'm Gonna) Eat You Up Aircheck: KPCC Pasadena CA 1991 Ian Whitcomb - Corn Husk

  • Ian Whitcomb 78 - Calling All Teens

    21/08/2012 Duración: 59min

    Ian Whitcomb 78 - Calling All Teens! Special Guest Host: The Reverend Tom The Fireballs - Quite A Party Nat "King" Cole - Too Young Gene Vincert - Teenage Partner Marty Robbins - A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation) Portuguese Joe - Teenage Riot Pat Boone - Friendly Persuasion School of Rock & Roll - Gene Summers Neil Sedaka - Happy Birthday Sweet 16 Chuck Berry - Sweet Little 16 Ricky Nelson - A Teenager's Romance The Everly Brothers - Wake Up, Little Suzie Connie Francis - Lipstick on Your Collar Timi Yuro - Hurt Freddy Cannon - Teen Queen Of The Week Johnny Burnette - You're 16 Duane Eddy - Because They're Young Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell Mae West - Happy Birthday 21 Sandy Nelson - Teen Beat

  • Ian Whitcomb 77 - Radio Stars Of Yesteryear

    16/08/2012 Duración: 59min

    Ian Whitcomb 77 - Radio Stars Of Yesteryear Ian Whitcomb - Dream Daddy Ford & Glenn - The Utah Trail Rudy Vallee - Doin' The Racoon Charles W Hamp - Mother, Dixie & You Johnny Marvin - Yours and Mine Smilin' Ed McConnell - Radio Show Medley Singin' Sam - Me & The Moon Phil Harris - Pink Elephants Little Jack Little - If I Had My Way Little Jack Little - Jealous Henry Hall & The BBC Dance Orchestra - The Teddy Bears Picnic Nelson Keys & Ivy St. Helier / Flotsom & Jetsam - Little Betty Bouncer Flanagan & Allen - Sending Out An SOS Vera Lynn - When They Sound The Last All Clear Ian Whitcomb - Good Night

  • Ian Whitcomb 66 - South of the Border

    14/08/2012 Duración: 01h09s

    Ian Whitcomb 66 - South of the Border Pedro Via Y Su Orqesta - Guiro, Bongo Y Maracas Don Azpiazu and his Havana Casino Orchestra - The Peanut Vendor Don Azpiazu and his Havana Casino Orchestra - Green Eyes Manolo Castro and his Havana Yacht Club Orchestra - Marta Xavier Cugat & his Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra (Vocal: Pedro Berrios) - Para Vigo Me Voy Ian Whitcomb - I'm Shy, Mary Ellen, I'm Shy Tito Guizar - Always In My Heart Ernesto Lecuona - Maria La O Lecuona Cuban Boys - Tabou Esperanza - Siboney Esperanza - Por Ti Aprendi A Querer Agustin Lara - Solamente Una Vez Agustin Lara - Maria Bonita Ian Whitcomb - Tango of the Bears

  • Ian Whitcomb 65 - Amore, Italian Music

    14/08/2012 Duración: 56min

    Ian Whitcomb 65: Amore: Italian Music Mantovani & His Orchestra - Summertime In Venice Billy Cotton & His Band (Vocal: Alan Breeze) - Poppa Piccolino Geraldo & His Orchestra - Ferry Boat Inn Troise & His Mandoliers - Notturno D'Amore Troise & His Mandoliers - Serenata Florence George - Italian Street Song Irving Berlin - Marie From Sunny Italy Primo Scala & His Accordion Band - Serenade In The Night Al Bowlly w/ Ronnie Monro & Orchestra - Romany Nino Rota - La Strada Dean Martin - That's Amore The George Melachrino Orchestra -Autumn Concierto Louis Prima - Borna Sera Cyril Stapleton - The Italian Theme Ian & Regina Whitcomb - Everywhere You Go

  • Ian Whitcomb 61 - My Uncle Wrote Lady of Spain

    14/08/2012 Duración: 01h19s

    Ian Whitcomb 61: My Uncle Wrote "Lady Of Spain" Ian Whitcomb - Butterflies In The Rain Ray Noble & His Orchestra (Vocal: Al Bowlly) - Lady of Spain Billy Costello - Let's All Sing Like The Birdies Sing Ray Noble & His Orchestra (Vocal: Al Bowlly) - Lights of Paris Hal Swain & His Band - Hunting Tigers Out In India George Formby - Do De O Do George Formby - John Willie's Jazz Band Jack Hylton & His Orchestra (Vocal: Pat O'Malley) - Cupid On The Cake Ian Whitcomb - Fairy On The Clock Ray Noble & His Orchestra (Vocal: Al Bowlly) - Butterflies In The Rain Ray Noble & His Orchestra (Vocal: Al Bowlly) - Unless Ray Noble & His Orchestra (Vocal: Al Bowlly) - Lady of Madrid Percival Mackey & His Band - On Her Doorstep Last Night Ian Whitcomb - You've Got To Show It To Mother* Ian Whitcomb - Storybook Farm *Ian McGarry, the drummer on this track was also the drummer on "You Turn Me On"

  • Ian Whitcomb 64 Comic Cuts

    14/08/2012 Duración: 59min

    Ian Whitcomb 64: Comic Cuts Russ Conway - Got A Match Billy Costello - Nobody's Sweetheart The Goons - Bluebottle Blues Johnston Brothers - In The Middle Of The House Fred Austin - I'm Going Back to Himazas Jack Payne and His Band - Let's All Sing Like The Birdies Sing Ian Whitcomb - Is Izzy Azzy Wozz? Ian Whitcomb - Charlie's A Cripple (You Know) Ian Whitcomb - Who Is It? (A Parrot Story) Tom Lehrer - My Home Town Flanagan & Allen - Hometown Johnny Bond - Ten Little Bottles Jimmy Durante - Medley: We're Goin' Home, Who Will Be With You, Don't Talk About Us When We're Gone, You Made Me Love You Ian Whitcomb - Hello, Sailor!

  • Ian Whitcomb 63 - War of the Whisperers (Art Gillham vs Jack Smith)

    14/08/2012 Duración: 01h03s

    Ian Whitcomb 63 - War of the Whisperers (Art Gillham vs. Jack Smith) Jesse Crawford - She's A New Kind Of Old-Fashioned Girl Art Gillham (The Whispering Pianist) - You May Be Lonesome (But You'll Be Lonesome Alone) Art Gillham - Cecilia Whispering Jack Smith - Cecilia Whispering Jack Smith - Baby Face Whispering Jack Smith - Glad Rag Doll Art Gillham - I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come In Art Gillham - Sweetheart of All My Dreams Whispering Jack Smith - Miss Annabelle Lee Whispering Jack Smith - She's A New Kind of Old-Fashioned Girl Art Gillham - She Said "No" Whispering Jack Smith - A Faded Photograph

  • Ian Whitcomb 68 - Twixed, Ragtime & Jazz

    14/08/2012 Duración: 01h01s

    Ian Whitcomb - 68 Twixt Ragtime & Jazz Sidney Bechet - Si Tu Vois Ma Mere Sidney Bechet - I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody (None Of This Jelly Roll) Wilbur Sweatman's Jazz Band - I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody (None Of This Jelly Roll) Europe's Society Orchestra - St. Louis Blues Sidney Bechet - St. Louis Blues The Original Dixieland Jazz Band - Ostrich Walk Wilbur Sweatman's Jazz Band - Indianola Jim Europe's Society Orchestra - Down Home Rag Wilbur Sweatman's Jazz Band - A Good Man Is Hard To Find Marion Harris - A Good Man Is Hard To Find Elsie Janis - Darktown Strutters Ball Al Jolson - Rockabye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody Arthur Fields - How Ya Gonna Keep Em Down On The Farm - After They've Seen Paree? Josephine Baker - Sleepy Time Gal

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