Commercial Real Estate Investing: A Step-by-step Guide To Finding And Funding Your First Deal

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Getting bored with residential real estate?

Do the exact same thing in the commercial space for ten times the profit—with no extra time, money, risk, or corporate red tape.

Most commercial real estate books leave you with plenty of information but no idea where to start. That’s why Commercial Real Estate Investing provides one simple, proven, step-by-step roadmap for doing your first commercial deal.

FIND—Execute a proven marketing strategy to get motivated sellers calling you.

FIGURE—Analyze properties to figure out how much you can pay for them.

FUND—Structure equity partnerships to fund your deal using other people’s capital.

FIX—Estimate the costs of repairs quickly and accurately.

FILL—Secure world-class tenants with favorable lease agreements.

FINANCIALS—Maximize financial performance by putting asset management systems in place.

FREEDOM—Be able to analyze when you should refinance or sell to free up your capital and profit.

Stop competing against rookies who watched an HGTV episode and decided they were house flippers. Step up to the big leagues with Commercial Real Estate Investing and cash your first seven-figure check. Everything you need to find and fund your first deal is right here.


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