David Copperfield

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David Copperfield is a novel by Charles Dickens and was published in 1850. The story is told in the first person by David Copperfield. Now he is a grown man and tells us the story of his youth and his journey of self-discovery. He had an unhappy childhood, and his father died before he was born. We read his story until his middle-age when he becomes a successful novelist. His journey is full of adventures and numerous friends and enemies.
Charles Dickens' prose is Full of tragedy and comedy in equal measure. David Copperfield is considered to be an autobiography. Dickens related early personal experiences that had meant much to him – like his work in a factory as a child, his schooling and his journey towards a successful writer.
This version of the book is translated by Mohsen Soleimani to Persian (Farsi) and narrated by Nor-Al-Din Djavadian. The Persian version of David Copperfield's audiobook is published by Maktub worldwide.


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