The Numbers Behind Success In Soccer: Discover How Some Modern Professional Soccer Teams And Players Use Analytics To Dominate The Competition

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What's behind the success of certain professional soccer clubs? Is it money, luck, skill? The answer may surprise you..
The use of analytics in sport is now well embedded. 'Marginal gains', the bedrock upon which the cycling coach Dave Brailsford built his greatest successes are cornerstones of most sports nowadays. But, until recently, that did not apply to the biggest sport in the world. Not in soccer. It was as though this simplest of sports is too complicated for statistics. Or that only one statistic counts, the number of times the ball hits the back of the net. ‘The only statistic that counts,’ there’s an often used and annoying stock term.
However, in the last 10 years, professional soccer clubs of all levels of wealth and stature have bought into analytics. Data analysts are now a major part of every top professional club. They interact with players, advise coaches, examine the strengths and weaknesses of teams, establish likely tactical organization of different sides; even focus on what a referee might allow and penalize.
Here's what's Included In This Book:
The reasons why top spending clubs like PSG and Manchester City don't always win
How Analytics has helped Leicester City overcome the poverty gap in Soccer
How Analytics has revolutionizing soccer training sessions and pre-match strategy sessions
3 Players who were chosen by professional soccer clubs using Analytics
How Modern Analytics fared doing Soccer Predictions for the 2018 World Cup
Analytics settles the great debate: Messi vs Ronaldo
And much more
Even if you've never played soccer in your life, you will find this book informative and engaging.
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