Around The World In 80 Days

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Phileas Fogg is English exactitude personified. He eats breakfast at 8:23, shaves at 9:37, and leaves for the Reform club at 11:30. He reads, eats, and doesn‘t travel. But one day, after getting into an argument over an article in the Daily Telegraph, he is prompted to make the £20.000 wager with his club friends that he can travel all the way around the world in eighty days. And so he leaves, accompanied only by his new French valet Passepartout: it is 8:45 P.M. on Wednesday the 2nd of October 1872 and he fully intends to be back by the 21st of December. Around the World in 80 days is one of French author Jules Verne most famous works. Published in 1873, it was adapted into the 2005 movie featuring Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Owen Wilson.


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