Steve Chandler

How to Make Your Personal Life and Professional Life Work Simultaneously



Download Personal Life & Professional Life (MP3 Audio Program)Steve & Maurice discuss the importance of family relationships and how to make your professional life work with your personal life. A common challenge is, as you become more and more successful, more demands are placed on you, and you may find yourself focused more on work than on family. Being there for your family can often be a challenge, but it is also an opportunity to build courage, strengthen relationships, and enhance your communication skills.Steve encourages us to take on the challenge of putting family first. Go to a family gathering, or go home, and for one day don't judge anyone. You can be a leader at home, but lead by serving, not by delivering an agenda, guidelines, expectations.What else not to do with your family? Don't give unsolicited advice! Instead, work on open, generous listening, listening from the soul. You can make your home life and personal life your very, very top priority.     &