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Mom and Marketing Boss Jennifer Saul brings C'est Moi to Target for Parents of Tweens



Guests: C’est Moi VP Marketing Jennifer Saul and Kathy Copcutt The Bel Air MommieC’est Moi is a new skincare line from toy maker Jakks Pacific for Tweens and Teens which is about to launch nationwide at Target.On this episode of The Mom Show with Kristin Cruz she get's the scoop about marketing to tween with beauty expert Jennifer Saul. We discuss beauty products for kids at a certain age and how to deal with this whole transition as Moms of girls. Kathy Copcutt is on the road in Florida thanks to Disney. She fills us in on what's coming soon out there and as well as Marvel’s latest film; Black Panther.In the Babble Buzz Kristin talks about whether the normalization of wine drinking on social media is promoting (or at least excusing) alcoholism in today's Moms.SoCal families know Kristin Cruz as Host of LA’s #1 rated morning radio program ‘The Mark & Kristin Show’ on KOST 103.5 FM. Fans across America could hear her as one of the premier shows on the iHeartRadio AppIn her TV & radio work she’s interv