Let's Speak Italian!

Lesson #090, Friday



Adjectives are words which modify or describe nouns. Since they tell us about a noun, they must agree in number and gender with the noun they are describing. Numbers and adjectives which tell how many, precede the nouns they modify: tre arance = three oranges molti libri = many books troppo rumore = too much noise Adjectives of color always follow the nouns they modify: una casa rossa = a red house una penna gialla = a yellow pen Most other adjectives will follow the nouns they modify, but you will learn through conversation that some are flexible and may come either before or after the noun: una donna intelligente = an intelligent woman un uomo gentile = a kind man Adjectives ending in 'o' agree in both number and gender with the noun they modify. Adjectives ending in 'e' only agree in number: ragazzo alto = tall boy ragazzi alti = tall boys ragazza alta = tall girl ragazze alte = tall girls uomo forte = strong man uomini forti = strong men donna forte = strong woman donne forti = strong women