Let's Speak Italian!

Lesson #074, Thursday



volere = to want, to want to io voglio = I want, I want to tu vuoi = you want, you want to (informal) Lei vuole = you want, you want to (formal) lui/lei vuole = he/she wants, he/she wants to noi vogliamo = we want, we want to voi volete = you want, you want to (plural) loro vogliono = they want, they want to 'volere' can be used in two ways. One is as a modal verb where it is followed by another verb in its infinitive form. Il dottore vuole parlare con Lei. = The doctor wants to speak with you (formal). Volete mangiare i fagioli oggi? = Do you (plural) want to eat beans today? Voglio ascoltare la canzone. = I want to listen to the song. Loro vogliono imparare il russo. = They want to learn Russian. 'volere' can also mean 'to want' without using it as a modal verb. Lui vuole un cane. = He wants a dog Vogliamo un insegnante buono. = We want a good teacher. Chi vuole un biscotto? = Who wants a cookie?