Let's Speak Italian!

Lesson #033, Wednesday



Lui mangia la pizza. = He eats the pizza. Noi mangiamo la pasta. = We eat the pasta. Loro mangiano gli spaghetti. = They eat the spaghetti. Io studio il libro. = I study the book. Lei studia l'italiano. = She studies Italian. Antonio ama Claudia. = Antonio loves Claudia. Gli amici giocano il calcio. = The friends play soccer. To ask a question in Italian, you just say the sentence with a questioning inflection at the end of the sentence. Tu parli l'italiano. = You speak Italian Tu parli l'italiano? = Do you speak Italian? Another short cut you can do in Italian, is you can drop the pronoun entirely because the verb changes for every pronoun. For example, you can say Io compro il pane. = I buy the bread Or you can drop the 'io' and just say Compro il pane. = I buy the bread. Because the word 'compro' is only used with 'io,' you can drop the 'io' and it is apparent that you mean 'I buy.'