Let's Speak Italian!

Week #003 Review, Wednesday



Ascoltate = Listen Leggete = Read Ripetete = Repeat Rispondete = Answer Scrivete = Write Aprite i libri = Open your books Chiudete i libri = Close your books Fate l'esercizio = Do the exercise Capite? = Do you understand? Ancora una volta! = One more time! Attenzione! = Be careful! or Pay attention! Giusto! = Correct! Benissimo! = Very good! Sbagliato! = Wrong! Tutti insieme! = All together! Va bene = OK Capisco = I understand Non capisco = I don't understand Come? = What? or How? or Say that again? Come si dice...? = How do you say...? Come si pronuncia...? = How do you pronounce...? Come si scrive...? = How do you spell...? Cosa vuol dire...? = What does...mean? Ripeta, per favore = Please repeat The Italians only really use 21 letters, but sometimes they do use the other 5 if the word is a non-Italian word containing one of those letters. The 5 letters that are not a part of the Italian alphabet are J, K, W, X, and Y. A = a B = bi C = ci D = di E = e F = effe G = gi H = acca I = i L = elle M = emme N = enn