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There Is Value In Diversity And This Company Is Diving Into The Movement | Christina Greenberg



We recently hosted a conversation between Christina Greenberg, Co-Founder of Edgility Consulting, and Chris Guest, Lean Startup Co. Advisor, about how Christina recruited to build a diverse and inclusive organization and how you can do the same. In the conversation, they discuss: - The founding story of Edgility Consulting and why they decided to focus on helping youth-serving nonprofits and education organizations find, hire, and keep talent. - How they examined their own recruiting methods and what they could do to create an environment where all different kinds of people would want to work for them. - Specific plans and strategies you can implement to recruit for a diverse and inclusive staff. And much, much more… Christina Greenberg is an expert in pivoting outside her comfort zone. The co-founder of Edgility Consulting has branched out, business-wise, multiple times in service of a larger vision. In her case, that vision involves supporting a diverse and inclusive industry standard. Her Oakland-based