Lean Startup

Knowing When To Say, "Next!" | Ralph Morales III



We recently hosted a conversation between Ralph Morales III, Head of Innovation Practice at SmartOrg, and David Binetti, Innovation Consultant, about solutions for some of the trickier innovation puzzles facing intrapreneurs. This conversation was recorded during the 2019 Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco and we’re excited to make it available to you as a podcast. In the conversation, they discuss: - Testing a range of assumptions and knowing when to move from one to the next. - The importance of taking a lot of smaller bets to help you find and be ready for the big opportunity. - Scoring each risk with ignorance and value ratings to show executives the uncertain value. And much, much more… Ralph Morales III is a unicorn intrapreneur. He began his career in finance and ended up in innovation, a rare trajectory. More specifically, he worked at HP during what he calls the “sunshine moment for new business innovation,” moving from his role as financial marketing analyst to eventually becoming the Dire