Kingsley Flowz Podcasts

House Sessions #115 - May 2022



Pure Jackin House from start to finish on this mix. Unrelenting and high energy, this is mix has a nice selection of hot new tracks and some classics for an awesome vibe from start to finish. As always…Enjoy! 01. Zula, glue70 - Hey (What's Up) [Ad Hoc Records] 02. Bernardo Mota, Duarte Palma - Never Let Go [Lisztomania Records] 03. El Funkador - Never Felt This Way [Spacedisco Records] 04. After The Tide, Live For Love - Bumping [Channel Six Music Company] 05. MMH - Why I Play Jazz [Turtle Wax Recordings] 06. Chanson E - The One [Frosted Recordings] 07. Sosa - Not Over [Oomph Recordings] 08. Demuir - WAP (Jacked Playboi Edit) [Unreleased] 09. Andy Bach - You Are The One [Piston Recordings] 10. Kristy Harper - Uncle Jungle [Monologues Records] 11. Sean Biddle, Oggie B - Shake 'n Bake [Bid Muzik] 12. Johnick - I'm So Glad (Mara's Theme) [Henry Street Music] 13. Cupcakes - West Side [Cupcakes Music] 14. Nicholas - Work This Out [Home Taping is Killing Music] 15. Pingo And Bobby - Strength [Backhammer Reco