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Kingsley Flowz is truly a global child. He grew up in Austria, parents from Cameroon and now resides in Philadelphia. These influences have all played a major factor in both his sound and style. Here you will find mixes ranging from jackin' funky House to Deep House (under the Sundown Smith) and the occasional Drum & Bass Liquid Funk mix.Kingsley also owns the label DSEV Music and original tracks from there tracks are sold on iTunes,, beatport, Traxsource, Beatport, Google Play, Shazam, audiojelly, 7 Digital , Amazon MP3 ,Deezer, eMusic, FeelMusic | Musicorama, MediaNet, mFlow, Napster, Nokia Music Store, Rdio, Rhapsody, Spotify, TuneTribe, VidZone, You Load, Zvooq, and a bunch of other digital stores as well.


  • House Sessions #126 - April 2023 Podcast

    27/04/2023 Duración: 01h44min

    In April, I’m back with a comprehensive Jackin’ House mix with plenty of new tracks for a groovy, pulsating mix and lovely overall vibe. As always…Enjoy! 01. Dope Demeanors - Dub Culture [Smokin Joe Records] 02. Melodymann - Feel A Little Crazy [Yesenia] 03. Hey Jack - One Life [MCT Luxury] 04. Darren Marshall - Come On Home [Groovphoria Records] 05. Barney Osborn - Be Happy [Archivators Records] 06. Serge Gee - On Time [Selecta Music] 07. Raffaele Ciavolino - Rumba Madness [Groovy Riddim Records] 08. Demuir - Eyah Eyah [FRAPPÉ] 09. Malfie - Groove Story [Robsoul] 10. Malfie - Feelin Good [Robsoul] 11. Super Drug - Springtime Symphony [Deep Wibe Industry] 12. Dope Demeanors - Gangsters [Revoke] 13. Erik Bo - So Right [Funk Mansion] 14. Sudden Moves - Long Time [Refuge Recordings] 15. Barney Osborn - Take Me Back [Groove Lounge Digital] 16. Demuir - In N Out 'Steady Strokes' [Mood Funk Records] 17. Dexter Troy - Music Take Control [Mood Funk Records] 18. KA!7 - You Got My Love [Believe in Disco] 19. Demuir -

  • Liquid Beats #16 - April 2023

    18/04/2023 Duración: 01h17min

    Back with another Drum & Bass mix for the masses. A nice selection of tracks to keep you groovin’ the entire way. As always…enjoy! 1. Mitekiss, Milo Merah - Sophie's Tale feat. Milo Merah [Hospital Records] 2. Soul Method - Feelings Of Love (Matt View & Marvel Cinema Remix) [Flight Pattern Records] 3. Archangel - Confession [Fokuz Recordings] 4. Sevin - Elevator Blues [Fokuz Recordings] 5. Zero Gravity, Syncline - No Trouble [Jazzsticks Recordings] 6. MSDOS - Love Chords (Scott Allen Remix) [Liquid Drops] 7. Minor Forms - Biophonic (Kublai Remix) [Vandal Records] 8. Hannah Eve, Data 3 - Better Off Without You [Fokuz Recordings] 9. Vodkah - Severance [Fokuz Recordings] 10. Pola & Bryson, Zitah - Tell You What I Did [Shogun Audio] 11. The Jazzassins - Edu [Jazzsticks Recordings] 12. The Jazzassins - The Uncanny Valley [Jazzsticks Recordings] 13. Motiv - Waved [Vandal Records] 14. Motiv - Primrose [Vandal Records] 15. The Vanguard Project - Adoration [Fokuz Recordings] 16. Minos - Rudeboi [Fokuz Reco

  • House Sessions #125 - March 2023 Podcast

    22/03/2023 Duración: 01h38min

    For March, we continue with another solid Jackin’ House mix with plenty of new tracks for a groovy, pulsating mix. As always…Enjoy! 01. PC Pat - The Same Beat [Plastik People Digital] 02. Thomas Trax - Look What You Got for Me [Aquamelon] 03. Erik Bo - Do What U Wanna Do Funk Mansion] 04. DJ AX - Funky Time [CRMS Records] 05. Melodymann - Let's Give This A Go [ArtFunk Records] 06. Jesusdapnk - When You Look [Too Many Rules] 07. FederFunk, TRINSEO - Concept [FederFunk Family] 08. Steven Lopez - Gettin Enuff [Cross Section Music] 09. LeBaron James - Bring It Back [J & M Music Co.] 10. Angelo Ferreri - That Riff [Mood Funk Records] 11. Larry Peace - Inside My Soul [More than House!!] 12. Lebedev (RU), Heilika - Must Be Love [Rhythm Section] 13. Oggie B - Body And Soul [Chicago Skyline Records] 14. Myk Dubz - Turns Me Loose [Veksler Records] 15. Chemars - House of Disco [Boogie Brunch Records] 16. Jessi Kay - Let Me Take You (Extended Mix) [INTANGIBLE SOUNDWORKS] 17. Richard Les Crees - Find Ya Baby

  • Afrosoul Vibes #10

    17/03/2023 Duración: 01h49min

    Back with another Afrosoul Vibes Mix. This time around we enter the realms of a classic soulful, deep and afrofunk vibe with mostly recent classic tracks. Hope y’all like it! 01. Kelvin Sylvester - Prayer (Instrumental) [Pasqua Records] 02. Kelvin Sylvester - Prayer Remixes (Dj Biskit Remix) [Pasqua Records] 03. Cee ElAssaad, Soultronixx - Don't Leave Me feat. Unqle Chriz [Tribe Records] 04. Reggie Steele - Surrender [Quantize Recordings] 05. Souldynamic - At the End Is the Light feat. Jocelyn Mathieu [Tribe Records] 06. Ursula Rucker, Sterling Ensemble, Aaron Ross - Alive feat. Ursula Rucker [Restless Soul Music] 07. Nathan Adams, Zepherin Saint - Love of My Life (Vocal Mix) [Tribe Records] 08. Wez Whynt, Angel-A - Truth Is Here (Vocal Mix) [Liquid Deep] 09. Souldynamic - Vohibola [Excedo Records] 10. RNDT, Kleophazz - Check One Two [Papa Records] 11. Louie Vega - A Place Where We Can All Be Free Feat. Janine Sugah Lyrics Lyons [Nervous Records] 12. Jasper Street Co. - Praying For You (Expansions NYC

  • House Sessions #124 - February 2023

    23/02/2023 Duración: 01h12min

    Back with another solid Jackin’ House mix with all new tracks and a bumpy groove from start to finish. As always…Enjoy! 01. Stranger Danger, Sen-Sei - Been So Lonely [Jump Recordings] 02. Scott Diaz, Barney Osborn - Rock Like (Barney's Jazz Cut) [Groovphoria Records] 03. Dope Demeanors - Fake Friends (Extended Mix) [Downtown Underground] 04. DJ Lulu & DJ Gas - Welcome To The Beats [Run To My Beat] 05. Craig S - We The Shit [Lofrequency Recordings] 06. Jonk & Spook - Forget About Us (Extended Mix) [HouseU Tunes] 07. Oggie B - The World Keeps Turning [Bid Muzik] 08. Melodymann - Got Me In A Beat [Pina Colada Records] 09. Chemars - My Amy Groove [Disco Down] 10. Meinfried Zander - Hangin' Around [HOT-Q] 11. Meinfried Zander - Your Life [HOT-Q] 12. Alex Gomez - Relax [Mole Music] 13. Demuir - The Feeling of Knowing [Purveyor Underground] 14. Marc Cotterell - Different Shapes [Plastik People Digital] 15. Jerk Boy, Freiboitar - Music Thing [Karussell Records] 16. Demuir - [Purveyor Underground] Dreamz Are The Visi

  • House Sessions #123 - January 2023

    30/01/2023 Duración: 01h16min

    2023 kicks off with another solid jackin, underground house mix. Plenty of new tracks and an awesome vibe throughout. As always…Enjoy! 01. Kaïz - Not Too Late [FederFunk Family] 02. Melodymann - Lash [ArtFunk Records] 03. BUFS - How We Go Down [Funky Revival] 04. Jason Rivas, Jackin' Keys - People in the Streets (Club Edit) [Superkinki Music] 05. Filta Freqz, K-Stylez - [MR-RE Records] Da Playaz 06. David Britton - Ready 2 Go [WyldCard] 07. Hey Jack - Lion [MCT Luxury] 08. CEV's - [Ohmelya Music] Wise Gold (Chemars Remix) 09. Lap Dancers - Got My Life [Marba Records] 10. Maxim Grosch - On My Mind [Onako Records] 11. Emran Badalov - One Love [Moiss Music Black] 12. Ricky Pellegrino, Jame Starck - My King [Run To My Beat] 13. Delgado - Keep the Faith [JAKDAT] 14. JedX - Jazzy Jack (Nate Laurence Remix) [Music Marks The Spot] 15. Jonasclean - Openness [Our Yunus Records] 16. Bonetti - Jazzy Party [Pina Colada Records] 17. Hey Jack - Play That Beat [MCT Luxury] 18. Filta Freqz - Out My Life [Seventy Four]

  • House Sessions #122 - December 2022

    23/12/2022 Duración: 01h25min

    To close out the year, we are back with a riveting jackin house mix with all new tracks and a classic banger sprinkled in there. This mix feels like the culmination of a great year in jackin house. See you next year and as always…Enjoy! 01. The Stoned - Bring Back The Feelin' [Soulful Evolution] 02. Burnski - Remember [Constant Sound] 03. A-Trak, Laidback Luke - Cortez (Laidback Luke's 1997 Remix) [Fool's Gold Records] 04. Craig S - Hip Bop [Funk Mansion] 05. Nicola Nisi - Love Supreme [Moiss Music Black] 06. Lekind - Wanna Dance [Brique Rouge] 07. Barney Osborn - Lazy Sundaze [Groove Lounge Records] 08. Raffaele Ciavolino - Don't Stop [More than House!!] 09. Bobby De Moda - That Feeling [Backhammer Records] 10. Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax - The Power Of The Spirit [Diversity Music] 11. Bryan Jones - I Know You Feel (Frankie J Remix) [Flapjack] 12. B&S Concept, Bonetti - Everything (Bonetti Clubbing Mode Remix) [Groovy Riddim Records] 13. Funk Mediterraneo - Disco A Tempo (4Peace Remix) [Juiced Music] 14. M

  • House Sessions #121 - November 2022

    30/11/2022 Duración: 01h20min

    For November, we take things a bit more underground and slowly make our way to a full jackin groove. All new tracks this time around so join me and feel the vibe. As always…Enjoy! 01. Ryan Truman - Pacifier [Subcommittee Recordings] 02. Hijack - Never [Realoop Records] 03. Filta Freqz - 4 Tha Love [Flight Digital] 04. Don Swing - Sweaty Bodies [Purveyor Underground] 05. Marlon Kirk - Multiples [Unprincipled Records] 06. David Britton - My Bizzness [FederFunk Family] 07. Ritmo Du Vela - Be A Gangster [InStereo Recordings] 08. Jonasclean - I Got You [Our Yunus Records] 09. FederFunk - When I Look In Your Eyes [More than House!!] 10. MMH - Love [Purveyor Underground] 11. MMH - Honey [Purveyor Underground] 12. Hatiras - Ready For The Headliner [Spacedisco Records] 13. Olive F - Enter The Olive (Jason Hodges Remix) [Moxy Muzik] 14. Demuir - Beat 6 (canuexplain) [Groovphoria Records] 15. Chemars - Amber's Song [Soulful Evolution] 16. Rondon - Don't Waste My Time (Dope Demeanors Remix) [Smokin Joe Record

  • Afrosoul Vibes #09

    24/11/2022 Duración: 01h26min

    Back with another Afrosoul Vibes Mix. This time around we pick up the pace with a nice soulful, deep and afrofunk feel with pulsating afro beats throughout. All new tracks and a few recent classics. Hope y’all like it. Sundown Smith aka Kingsley Flowz. 01. Sy Sez, Ayaba Poetic - Gods Of Our Realm [Raising Records] 02. DJ Said, Reelsoul - Joy Til Midnight Remixes (Reelsoul Organic Mix) [Fatsouls Records] 03. Pietro Nicosia, Zepherin Saint - Flowers (Zepherin Saint Thunder Mix) [Tribe Records] 04. George Lesley, Earl W. Green, Mark Francis - Blow My Mind (Mark Francis Instrumental) [Merecumbe Recordings] 05. Frederick - Serenity [Astral Arts] 06. Bah Samba, Nadirah Shakoor, Jose Carretas - Spring & Autumn (Jose Carretas Son Liva Remix) [Son Liva] 07. Amayo, Cee ElAssaad - Osun Osogbo (Cee ElAssaad Vocal Mix) [Fatsouls Records] 08. Amayo, Coflo - Osun Osogbo (Coflo's Backside Remix) [Fatsouls Records] 09. Big Logan, Cassio Ware - "Cassio's Vibe" (Thinking About You) Insane Versions (Big Logan's Insane Dub) [A

  • House Sessions #120 - October 2022

    28/10/2022 Duración: 01h34min

    For October, it’s a return to a solid jackin mix with some slight disco elements here and there. Plenty of new tracks and a great vibe throughout. As always…Enjoy! 01. Thierry Tomas - Walker [Jump Records] 02. Salvatore Vitrano - Spirit Of House Groove [Boogiemonsterbeats Recording] 03. Bryan Jones - No Doubt [I Records] 04. Joey Youngman - Another Night [Guesthouse] 05. DJ Kone & Marc Palacios, DOMy Gee - Gaga (Unreleased Alternative Mix) [King Streets Sounds] 06. DJ Kone & Marc Palacios, DOMy Gee - Gaga [Street King] 07. JedX - Raised In Cali [Music Marks The Spot] 08. JSRP - Swingers Party [Rich Got Jacked] 09. Fredrick - West Side [Rich Got Jacked] 10. Lachetto - Gaiday Park [AWK Recordings] 11. Bruno Browning - Swing Up (Doc Link's Jacking After Midnight Mix) [Nothing But] 12. Jonasclean - Absolute [Purveyor Underground] 13. KA!7 - Rock The House [Craniality Sounds] 14. Serge Gee - Upside Down [MONOSIDE] 15. Landon Terrace - Bust Loose [Caboose Records] 16. Papa Tony - Like Tha [Konura Recordings] 17. D

  • Afrosoul Vibes #8

    06/10/2022 Duración: 01h43min

    Back with another Afrosoul Vibes Mix. A great selection of awesome new and older tracks spanning that African/Latin diaspora. Hope y’all like it. 01. Tina Ardor, Atmos Blaq, Hendrick Sam - Kamweretho (Soul Reprise) [Pasqua Records] 02. Boddhi Satva, Mr Luu - Sácalo (Extended Version) [Batakari] 03. Selomi, Abdul Kharim -] Zombis [United Music Records 04. Mr. ThruouT, Bylovva - R U OK [House Tribe Records] 05. Neba Solo, Bayaka (IT) - CAN 2002 (Bayaka, MoBlack Remix) [MoBlack Records] 06. Boddhi Satva, Maalem Hammam - Zid Lmel (FNX Remix) [Voltaire Music] 07. Sipho Ngubane ft Giga Msezane - Pride (Channel Of Love Mix) [Soulful Sentiments Records] 08. Hallex M, Stevo Atambire, KEENE - Da'Ana Remixes (KEENE Remix) [United Music Records] 09. Segun Adewale - Atewo-Lara Ka Tepa Mo'se (Ben Gomori's Jùish Edit) [Sterns Edits] 10. The Angels, Shrii, Band&dos - Feeling Good (Band&Dos Remix) [House Music With Love] 11. Tony Allen, Oumou Sangare - Fadjamou (St Germain Remix) [No Format] 12. Bontan - Ayo [Knee Deep In S

  • House Sessions #119 - September 2022

    18/09/2022 Duración: 01h33min

    For September, we take a deeper turn into mostly underground house sound with some jackin undertones throughout. Plenty of new tracks and a great vibe throughout. As always…Enjoy! 01. Marina Trench - Train Call [Wolf Music Recordings] 02. Local Options - Sun Palace (Aron Volta Remix) [Moisss music] 03. Cray Pray - Twisted (Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax Remix) [Recovery House] 04. Michael Oberling/Kaysoul - Falling (Kaysoul Remix) [Deep House Cats SA] 05. Radic The Myth - Dinosaurs Get Mad [Stay True Sounds] 06. Nebraska - Xiao Long Bao [Heist Recordings] 07. Barney Osborn - Outta Town [Robsoul Recordings] 08. Barney Osborn - Confrontation [Robsoul Recordings] 09. Housego - Freak Of The Week [One Track Mind] 10. Ritmo Du Vela - The Undergroung Culture [Club Session] 11. L!to - Do the Right Thing [Bid Muzik] 12. Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa - Come On, Baby [Moulton Music] 13. Housego - Funk Child (RIP PJ) [One Track Mind] 14. Craig S - Golden Brown [Funk Mansion] 15. Jonasclean - Play [Our Yunus Records] 16. Marl

  • House Sessions #118 - August 2022

    27/08/2022 Duración: 01h25min

    For August, we chill things down with a slightly more underground sound but still a solid jackin sound for this month’s mix. Plenty of new tracks and an overall great vibe throughout. As always…Enjoy! 01. Vincent Caira - [Spacedisco Records] Without U 02. Chanson E - [AWK Recordings] Love Control 03. James Juke - [Brobot Records] To Serve Your Mind 04. Simon Kidzoo, Elliot Fitch - [Downtown Underground] Expression (Extended Mix) 05. Castoldi - [Ondule Recordings] Montparnasse 06. Borka & The Gang - [House Salad Music] Sweet 07. Vincent Caira - [Robsoul Recordings] Like That 08. Deeleegenz - [HOUSMOSE] With You 09. Shermanology - [Edible] Lose My Mind 10. Housego - [One Track Mind] Uncle Fill 11. DJ OMC - [Kuudos] Keep It Up (Extended Mix) 12. Housego - [One Track Mind] Reflections 13. Carlostella - [Spacedisco Records] Ecstasy (Original) 14. MrM - [Hive Label] House Of Music 15. Rick Marshall - [ArtFunk Records] Call It Jazz 16. UC Beatz - [Lisztomania Records] Sole Ole (Demarkus Lewis Remix) 17.

  • Liquid Beats #15 - August 2022

    20/08/2022 Duración: 01h22min

    Back with another Drum & Bass mix for the summer. A nice selection of tracks to keep you groovin’ the entire way. As always…enjoy! 1. Motiv - Memento [Soulvent Records] 2. Alpho - Music Is Powerful [Soul Deep Digital] 3. Paul SG, T.r.a.c., MC Conrad - Pursuit (Artificial Intelligence Remix) [V Recordings] 4. Anthony Kasper - This Moment [Soul Deep Exclusives] 5. Jrumhand - Resilience [Soul Deep Exclusives] 6. Motiv - Know The Way [Flight Pattern Records] 7. The Vanguard Project - Hoodwink [Liquid V] 8. Treex - Minhas Memories [Soul Deep Exclusives] 9. Nick G - Blue Denim [Soul Deep Digital] 10. Zero Gravity, Syncline - Jupiter Lounge [Jazzsticks Recordings] 11. Viewer - Mornings With You [Soul Deep Exclusives] 12. Czar - U Are Number One [Soul Deep Exclusives] 13. Surreal, Motiv - Sunglasses [Innerground Records] 14. Kodan - All Good [Full Cycle] 15. Unkoded - Donny [Liquid V] 16. Unknown Artist - Soul 77 [Fokuz Recordings] 17. JazzInspired - Sophisticated [Soul Deep Digital] 18. Pola, Bryson

  • House Sessions #117 - July 2022

    22/07/2022 Duración: 01h37min

    Pure heat for the heatwave! An awesome vibe from start to finish. A solid jackin house mix with a couple of classics and surprises in there. As always…Enjoy! 01. Erykah Badu - Honey (Ron Trent's Honey Mix) [Prescription Classic Recordings] 02. Lee Wilson, Le Babar - You Are (Everything) (Intrumental Mix) [Check It Out Records] 03. Schegg - Floor Burn [LW Recordings] 04. Gurkan Asik - Rise (Extended Mix) [Groove in Dream] 05. Deeleegenz - Keep Control [Housmose] 06. Raffaele Ciavolino - The Mysterious Track [Xamaky Records] 07. StrainHouse - Love Is Unpredictable [Jacked Out Trax] 08. Nate Laurence - Temple Of Dance [Hi! Reaction] 09. DJ Mes - [Guesthouse Music] Forty Wata 10. Animist - Cherish Maya (Kinky Movement Remix) [Plastik People Digital] 11. Jazzman Wax, Iban Montoro - Fake [MoodyHouse Recordings] 12. Some Too Suspect - LoCo [MoodyHouse Recordings] 13. Alan Da Funk - [The Loft Records] Party Groove 14. The Stoned - Rhythm Of My Rhyme [Juiced Music] 15. The Stoned - Temptation [Juiced Music] 1

  • House Sessions #116 - June 2022

    24/06/2022 Duración: 01h35min

    Another pure Jackin House mix with a couple of classics and surprises in there. An awesome vibe from start to finish. As always…Enjoy! 01. Austin Millz - Act Like You Know [Bandcamp Release] 02. Sweet Fruity Brunch - Street Lights [Moment Cinetique] 03. Melodymann - Back In Time [Melodymathics] 04. Rooleh - Take A Picture [Airtime Records] 05. Rufus - That Old Fling [Robsoul] 06. Chemars - Small Chat [Bedrock Traxx] 07. Da Brownie - Santa Monica [Papa Records] 08. Housego - High Places [Cabbie Hat Recordings] 09. Melodymann - One More Tune [Melodymathics] 10. Max Esposito - Only of Love (Jackin Mix) [SQUID Records] 11. Souldynamic ft. Rich Medina - Addiction (Mike Huckaby Rmx) [Excedo Rec] 12. George Cynnamon - Useless [MoodyHouse Recordings] 13. Antonio Grassia - Hear The Soul [Kenpo Recordings] 14. Renee, B.Jinx - Tight Girlz [Craniality Sounds] 15. Barney Osborn - Do Your Thing [Groove Lounge Records] 16. Planktom - One 4 Da Homies [Robsoul Recordings] 17. Housego - Three Wishes [One Track Mind] 1

  • House Sessions #115 - May 2022

    26/05/2022 Duración: 01h20min

    Pure Jackin House from start to finish on this mix. Unrelenting and high energy, this is mix has a nice selection of hot new tracks and some classics for an awesome vibe from start to finish. As always…Enjoy! 01. Zula, glue70 - Hey (What's Up) [Ad Hoc Records] 02. Bernardo Mota, Duarte Palma - Never Let Go [Lisztomania Records] 03. El Funkador - Never Felt This Way [Spacedisco Records] 04. After The Tide, Live For Love - Bumping [Channel Six Music Company] 05. MMH - Why I Play Jazz [Turtle Wax Recordings] 06. Chanson E - The One [Frosted Recordings] 07. Sosa - Not Over [Oomph Recordings] 08. Demuir - WAP (Jacked Playboi Edit) [Unreleased] 09. Andy Bach - You Are The One [Piston Recordings] 10. Kristy Harper - Uncle Jungle [Monologues Records] 11. Sean Biddle, Oggie B - Shake 'n Bake [Bid Muzik] 12. Johnick - I'm So Glad (Mara's Theme) [Henry Street Music] 13. Cupcakes - West Side [Cupcakes Music] 14. Nicholas - Work This Out [Home Taping is Killing Music] 15. Pingo And Bobby - Strength [Backhammer Reco

  • Liquid Beats #14 - March 2022

    22/05/2022 Duración: 01h11min

    This is a Mix I made a few years ago and never released it. Slightly more Liquid Funk and melancholy, but a lovely mix nevertheless, full of beautiful tracks and groovy vibes. So as always…enjoy! Track list available upon request...

  • Poolside Vibes #04

    12/05/2022 Duración: 01h32min

    Poolside Vibes #04 is here. A lovely mix of underground, deep and sultry tunes perfect to relax, enjoy, chill and vibe. Hope y’all like it. As always…enjoy! 01. Saudade - Sonha (Cosmonection Remix) [Pont Neuf Records] 02. SlightEase, TebzaLiquid - Beach Please [Deep Excuses Record Company] 03. Pistoli - On Fire [Garden Co.] 04. Harley&Muscle, Christopher McCray - What You Do To Me (Tommy Boccuto remix) [Soulstar Records] 05. Idan Hana - Friends [Aterral] 06. Retromigration - Versace Sheets (Byron the Aquarius Live Remix) [Handy Records] 07. Pistoli - Malik [Garden Co.] 08. Atjazz, Dominique Fils-Aimé - See-Line Woman (Extended Mix) [Foliage Records] 09. Walter G - Abstract Jazzy Vibes (Deep Trip Mix) [Jazz In Da House] 10. Jon Sable - Grey Paper Moon (Chaos in the CBD Mix) [Tief Music] 11. KVRVBO, Radic The Myth - Le Fleur (Thorne Miller Remix) [Iron Rods Music] 12. SofaTalk - Ella (Tour-Maubourg Dub Mix) [Broken District] 13. Tahir Jones - Burning In My Soul [Selebogo Capital Records] 14. Vinyl Dealer -

  • House Sessions #114 - April 2022

    21/04/2022 Duración: 01h29min

    I’m back with probably my favorite mix of the year so far. Awesome collection of tracks and a great vibe throughout the entire mix. As always…Enjoy! 01. Kia_Bhn Jersey Anniversary (Club Remix) [unreleased] 02. Don Sizzle -Same Old Story [Lutefisk Records] 03. Lebedev (RU) - Lullaby [Robsoul Recordings] 04. MICWO - Tacky Podcast [Xamaky Records] 05. BUFS - Underground Talk [Lofrequency Recordings] 06. Chemars - It's Over [Funky Revival] 07. Chicago Nacho Militia - Give It Up [Souljack Digital] 08. Steve Robinson (UK) - Control Your Senses [Purveyor Underground] 09. Nate Laurence - Do Right [Pluralistic Records] 10. Kingsley Flowz - Watch It! [DSEV Music] 11. Marco Corvino - JFK [Disco Balls Records] 12. Filip Grönlund - Can't Stop Thinking About You (Extended Mix) [Walk Of Shame Records] 13. The Black Man Soul - I Like Love Girl [droorshouse records] 14. Erik Bo - La Montée [Funk Mansion] 15. MMH - A Brand New Day (Vocal Mix) [Organized House Recs.] 16. Agent Stereo - Scat on This Funky Beat [La Casa Rec

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