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  • Episode 615 | Bootstrappable Businesses, Cargo Culting, and How Pricing Affects Growth (A Rob Solo Adventure)

    09/08/2022 Duración: 27min

    In episode 615, join Rob Walling for a solo adventure where he covers what makes a business bootstrappable (and things to avoid), cargo culting, and how large of a business you can build at different customer lifetime value levels. Episode Sponsor: Hiring developers has been tough for years, but it is even tougher these days. […]Click the icon below to listen.  

  • Episode 614 | Deciding When to Quit Your Day Job, Founder Anxiety, and More Listener Questions

    02/08/2022 Duración: 42min

    In episode 614, Rob Walling chats with fan favorite Derrick Reimer. They start out by talking about Derrick’s decision to take a sabbatical from The Art of Product podcast after co-hosting it with Ben Orenstein for more than 5 years. Then, they answer a handful of listener questions, including when to quit your day job to […]Click the icon below to listen.  

  • Episode 613 | Hacking Your Founder Psychology

    26/07/2022 Duración: 30min

    In episode 613, Rob Walling chats with Dr. Sherry Walling about the release of her new book, Touching Two Worlds: A guide for finding hope in the landscape of loss. They cover a lot in this episode, including the hustle of launching a book, the behind the scenes of how Sherry has hacked her own […]Click the icon below to listen.  

  • Episode 612 | Balancing a Side Project and Going Full-time on Your Product

    19/07/2022 Duración: 37min

    In episode 612, Rob Walling chats with longtime friend and repeat podcast guest Dave Rodenbaugh. Dave was even at the very first MicroConf back in 2011. In this episode, we have a candid conversation on our experiences balancing side projects with a day job, struggling with the decision in our own different ways of when to quit, and the surprising habits you have to unlearn once you are finally independent of the day job and consulting work. Topics we cover:  [1:27] Dave’s thought process behind expanding Recapture  [5:34] The decision to go full-time on Recapture  [15:05] Dave’s process for unlearning bad employee / consultant habits  [20:07] The danger of the arrival fallacy  [24:20] What would you do if you sold the business? [26:03] Balancing a side project with your day job  Click the icon below to listen.  

  • Episode 611 | Bootstrapping ProfitWell to a $200M Exit (with Patrick Campbell)

    12/07/2022 Duración: 47min

    In episode 611, join Rob Walling as he chats with Patrick Campbell, the cofounder of ProfitWell, on how he and his co-founders bootstrapped ProfitWell to a $200 million exit. Profitwell was acquired by Paddle earlier this year. We dive into a bunch of topics you have not heard elsewhere, including details about the actual transaction, […]Click the icon below to listen.  

  • Episode 610 | How I Would Start Over Today, Bad Habits of Solopreneurs, and the Benefits of a Day Job (A Rob Solo Adventure)

    05/07/2022 Duración: 29min

    In episode 610, join Rob Walling for a solo adventure where he talks about the benefits of working a day job before launching your company, some bad habits he picked up in the early days, why the college dropout narrative is annoying, and what he would do if he was starting over today. Topics we […]Click the icon below to listen.  

  • Episode 609 | Building Your MVP, the Bug Fix Hamster Wheel, and More Listener Questions

    28/06/2022 Duración: 26min

    In episode 609, join Rob Walling for a solo adventure as he answers a handful of listener questions ranging from when it makes sense to have multiple LLCs and hiring task-level vs. project-level thinkers to planning for large projects. He also shares his thought process behind ways you can build a complex mobile app prototype […]Click the icon below to listen.       

  • Episode 608 | Bootstrapping (and Exiting) a 7-Figure Info Product

    21/06/2022 Duración: 50min

    In episode 608, Rob Walling chats with Adrian Rosebrock, who bootstrapped and successfully exited his seven-figure info product company, PyImageSearch, in 2021. PyImageSearch provided digital courses around visual image detection and image classification in Python. Adrian wasn’t always an entrepreneur. He graduated with a PhD in computer science, got a day job, realized early on […]Click the icon below to listen.       

  • Episode 607 | Overcoming Plateaus, Stealth Launches, Founder-Driven Sales, and More Listener Questions

    14/06/2022 Duración: 34min

    In episode 607, Rob Walling chats with Asia Orangio, and they answer listener questions about customer onboarding videos, overcoming revenue plateaus, stealth launches, and founder-driven sales. Topics we cover:  [1:12] Where’s the best place to put customer onboarding videos?   [5:37] How to scale a content business  [15:36] What to do if revenue has plateaued?  [21:41] […]Click the icon below to listen.       

  • Episode 606 | The Podcasting Landscape, Keeping Your Saw Sharpened, and Scaling Your Team with Craig Hewitt

    07/06/2022 Duración: 36min

    In episode 606, Rob Walling chats with Craig Hewitt, the founder of Castos. They talk about company building, staying up to speed when you are no longer doing the day-to-day tasks as well as their thoughts on a recent string of acquisitions happening in the podcast ecosystem. Topics we cover:  [1:24] 2 MicroConf Local events […]Click the icon below to listen.       

  • Episode 605 | Building a SaaS with Little Dev Experience, Using No Code for Your MVP, Bootstrapping a Two-Sided Marketplace, and More Listener Questions

    31/05/2022 Duración: 42min

    In episode 605, Rob Walling is joined by Ruben Gamez, and they dig into a handful of listener questions. Topics range from building a SaaS with little development experience and using no-code tools to build your MVP to stair-stepping bootstrapping a two-sided marketplace. Topics we cover:  [0:55] Selling to the enterprise  [4:31] What level of […]Click the icon below to listen.       

  • Episode 604 | How to Decide Which Features to Build (with Derrick Reimer)

    24/05/2022 Duración: 41min

    In episode 604, Rob Walling talks with Derrick Reimer and gets the latest update on SavvyCal, how he makes product decisions, and they also share the best things they’ve bought for $100 and $1000 that have added much more value to their lives than the price point. Topics we cover:  [4:50] Apple’s influence on startup […]Click the icon below to listen.       

  • Episode 603 | Bootstrapping HotJar to $40M ARR Using D2C Marketing

    17/05/2022 Duración: 48min

    In episode 603, Rob Walling chats with David Darmanin, one of the founders of Hotjar. Hotjar was bootstrapped to $40 million ARR with a fully distributed team of 170 employees. David and his cofounders sold the company for a 9-figure exit in 2021. From their incredible launch story and their unique DTC approach to sales […]Click the icon below to listen.       

  • Episode 602 | Explaining SaaS Metrics to a Child

    10/05/2022 Duración: 30min

    In episode 602, Rob Walling explains SaaS metrics to his kid. This is a great episode to listen to if you are unfamiliar or not well-versed in SaaS because we dig into from first principles, starting with dollars, revenue, and the purpose of businesses, all the way to SaaS metrics like MRR, ACV, and LTV. […]Click the icon below to listen.       

  • Episode 601 | Bootstrapping B2B vs. B2C

    03/05/2022 Duración: 39min

    In episode 601, Rob Walling chats with Nick Fogle of ChurnKey. Nick previously cofounded Wavve which was acquired in early 2021. In this conversation, they chat about how the idea for Churnkey came from his other business, decision to sell Wavve, and some of the key differences between bootstrapping a B2C vs a B2B SaaS. […]Click the icon below to listen.       

  • Episode 600 | When to Hire Your First Manager + What You Should Be Focused On (A Rob Solo Adventure)

    26/04/2022 Duración: 31min

    In episode 600, join Rob Walling for a solo adventure as he dives into topics ranging from when to hire your first manager to a mental framework for deciding which things to work on vs. what to delegate to your team. He also shares his thought process behind when things take multiple iterations and how […]Click the icon below to listen.       

  • Episode 599 | Finding the Bootstrapper Hockey Stick

    19/04/2022 Duración: 32min

    In episode 599, Rob Walling chats with Dominic “Dom” and Tracy Phillips of CodeSubmit. CodeSubmit provides a library of real-world, take-home tasks in more than 60 coding languages. Some of their customers are Audi, Netflix, Carbon Health, 3M, and Apple. Dom and Tracy were also a part of the spring 2020 batch of TinySeed. During […]Click the icon below to listen.       

  • Episode 598 | Diversity, Mission & Values, How to Start, and More Listener Questions

    12/04/2022 Duración: 26min

    In episode 598, join Rob Walling as he answers listener emails. Topics range from diversity in the startup ecosystem and when’s the right time to write your company’s mission, philosophy, and values to how to find good business ideas and the different approaches for developing features for a new app. Episode Sponsor: Microsoft for Startups […]Click the icon below to listen.       

  • Episode 597 | The Challenge of Building a Business in a Regulated Industry

    05/04/2022 Duración: 37min

    In episode 597, Rob Walling chats with Ashley Baxter, the founder of With Jack. With Jack gives peace of mind and protection for UK freelancers through insurance, professional indemnity, public liability, contracts, legal expenses, etc. We dig into the lessons Ashley learned from a failed insurance business she inherited from her father, how she used […]Click the icon below to listen.       

  • Episode 596 | News Round-Up: Google Ends WFH, Founder Salaries, How to Use Email

    29/03/2022 Duración: 40min

    In episode 596, Rob Walling is joined by Einar Vollset and Tracy Osborn for a bootstrapper news roundup episode. They cover a wide range of topics from Google’s decision to bring employees back into the office (and the potential implications for bootstrapped companies), founder salary data trends, email management strategies, and much more. Episode Sponsor: […]Click the icon below to listen.       

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