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Kingsley Flowz is truly a global child. He grew up in Austria, parents from Cameroon and now resides in Philadelphia. These influences have all played a major factor in both his sound and style. Here you will find mixes ranging from jackin' funky House to Deep House (under the Sundown Smith) and the occasional Drum & Bass Liquid Funk mix.Kingsley also owns the label DSEV Music and original tracks from there tracks are sold on iTunes,, beatport, Traxsource, Beatport, Google Play, Shazam, audiojelly, 7 Digital , Amazon MP3 ,Deezer, eMusic, FeelMusic | Musicorama, MediaNet, mFlow, Napster, Nokia Music Store, Rdio, Rhapsody, Spotify, TuneTribe, VidZone, You Load, Zvooq, and a bunch of other digital stores as well.


  • House Sessions #39 - January 2014 Podcast

    04/01/2014 Duración: 01h59min

    Welcome to 2014 and kicking things off this year is my mix from a NYE event in D.C a few days ago. Usually with my live mixes these days I operate 4 decks via my DJ controller and Traktor. This allows me to layer several tracks over each other for a unique sampled sound and feel while still cueing a third and sometimes a fourth track in seamlessly. As with any live performance, little glitches here and there etc; but overall a very enjoyable 2 hours of mostly new tracks I got for that night. As always…Enjoy! Tracklist 01. Alek Soltirov - [HARD] Streetz 02. Giano - [Doin Work] You Loving Me (U So Bad) 03. Greenbay Jackers - [Jack Locker] Gettin On It 04. Groove 2 Go - [Chicago House FM] Sunshine 05. Jackin Andy - [Underluxe] Work 06. Mel Rosario - [UKNOWY] Kachimba (Alex Augello) 07. Terry Waites - [HuHu] Metro Deepness 08. Deeplomatik - [Salted Music] Get This House 09. Charles Ramirez and J. Nandez - [Hall Of Fame] La Bicicleta 10. Belfie & Alex Tea - [Robsoul] Strangers On Park District 11. Inland Knight

  • House Sessions #38 - December 2013 Podcast

    10/12/2013 Duración: 01h40min

    For the final mix of 2013 a bit of an eclectic of tracks. I'll admit it was quite a challenge this month. Tough finding tracks I really liked and more importantly, tracks that would work well together into a cohesive mix. I think I ended up getting like 35 new tracks and left a bunch of them out because I just wasn't feeling them for this mix. So dug into the crates and pulled out a few classics and added them to imbue this mix with their golden sounds along with some quality new tracks. Enjoy...and see you in 2014! Track list 01. Jay Marks - [WellHung Music] Baby Its You 02. Joey Chicago - [294 Records] I Never Did It 03. Milty Evans - [Whitebeard] Feel That Love (DJ E-Clyps) 04. Black & Crown - [Guesthouse] Ive Got So Much 05. Block & Crown - [Fogbank] Dont Fight The Feeling 06. DJ Funsko - [Banging Grooves Records] Funky Mouse (Raymix Disco Mouse Action) 07. B. Jinx - [Visiomind] Dust Spell (R.E.D. Remix) 08. Method Men - [Robsoul] Disko Biscuit 09. Wattie Green - [Flapjack] Sea Lion Woman (Unreleased

  • Sundown Smith - Deep Summer Nights 5

    24/11/2013 Duración: 01h42min

    For the November Deep House podcast, I’m upping the tempo just a little bit, but maintaining that luscious deep house groove with a mix of brand new tracks and a few classics sprinkled in there. And I’m particularly happy that I’ve finally found a mix to incorporate that awesome Fred Everything & Giom track. As always…Enjoy! tracklist 01. Dauwd - [Ghostly International] Heat Division (Tim Goldsworthy Remix ) 02. Kevin Griffiths - [Tsuba] Enjoy The Bozak (Original Mix) 03. Chris Lattner - [Baalsaal Records] Golden Palace (Sven Tasnadi Remix) 04. Dvine Lopez - [TSN Records] Let Us Unite (DL's Main Mix) 05. Nivek Tsoy - [I Records] Denied (Original Mix) 06. Andi Malanders - [UKNOWY] The Illest (Team Zapata) 07. PM Project - [Atal] Shining (South Dub) 08. Thomas Fehlmann – [Kompakt] Softpark (Move D Remix) 09. Doomwork - [Street King] Stardust (Pezzner Remix) 10. Angel Mora, Moving Cities - [unquantize] What About (Original Mix) 11. Will Berridge - [Save You] Stacking Options 12. Chocolate Avenue - [Sincopat] A

  • House Sessions #37 - November 2013 Podcast

    01/11/2013 Duración: 02h03min

    This latest podcast is a lovely selection of fine house music to make you move and groove. This mix is the epitome of funky jackin disco house with just a touch of soul and Detroit sound in there. The first hour is straight up funky jackin tracks, we then transition into some lovely disco/jackin sounds before ending with a more groove filled out beats for 2 hours of house music goodness, All the tracks are pure mint, so enjoy! Tracklist: 01. Dan Lypher - [Diamond Rec Luxury] Work Out 02. Miguel Palhares - [Baci Recordings] Get It 03. Funky Trunkers - [Full House Digital] Candlelight (Scott Ducey) 04. Groove Bugs - [Midwest Hustle] Lies 05. Level Groove - [Blacksoul Music] Physical 06. Da Monk - [Cabbie Hat] Just For An Old Time (Michaelangelo) 07. Erik Bo - [Funk Mansion] Studio Is Back 08. Other Soul - [Azucar Distribution] Lil Lovin (Original Main Mix) 09. DJ Mes - [Guesthouse] Boom Chika Boom (Original) 10. Zenbi - Jerome Robins - DJ Dan - [InStereo] Technique 11. Sean Biddle - [KleenHouse] Bid You Goodn

  • Sundown Smith - Deep Summer Nights 4

    20/10/2013 Duración: 01h39min

    The next installment of my deep house podcast is here. This time around a nice mix of some brand new deep tracks and some classics from a few years past culminating in a seamless and sublime sound ebbing and flowing throughout the mix. 90 minutes of deep house goodness for your aural pleasure...and yeah, that’s still me, just my deep house alias. Enjoy! Tracklist: 01. Bari - [Steps Records] Mysterious Future (Original Mix) 02. Joseph Rawness - [Underground Recordings] Hard Choice (Original Mix) 03. Souldate - [Depaart] Dreaming (Original Mix) 04. Atjazz, Julian Gomes - [Atjazz Records] Here to Stay feat. Zano (Instrumental) 05. BLM, Pawas - [Sudden Drop] Waiting Game (Rndm Remix) 06. Breezy, Ntsako - [DNH Records] I Am Only Human (Tribute Mix) 07. Leik - [Deep Throat Records] Ways (Tom Clark Remix) 08. Chris Lattner - [Baalsaal Records] Golden Palace (Original Mix) 09. Javi Lopez - [Azucar Distribution] Subgroove (Pablo Fierro Remix) 10. Liquideep - [Deeper Shades Recordings] Feel It (Shur-I-Kan Dub Mix) 11.

  • House Sessions #36 - October 2013 Podcast

    08/10/2013 Duración: 01h28min

    So for the October podcast another fine funky, jackin, disco, Jazzy house mix with a bunch of brand new tracks as well. Might as well call this one a two play set, because there are a bunch of artists featured twice in this mix. But hey, if it’s good, it’s good. Some absolute gems in this mix, especially that magnificent Pierre Santino track- I Love Jazz House, Jazzie D – Wondering When Wondering Where track, and his other simply sublime track - Pretty Girls as well. Anyway, a bit of an eclectic mix but I think I hooked it up right. As always, Enjoy! Tracklist: 01. The Sunchasers - [La Musique Fantastique] Utopia 02. J Paul Getto - [Guesthouse] Handle Your Scandal 03. Doc Link - [Modulate Goes Digital] Hollywood Squares Pt 2 (Phone Calls) 04. Doc Link - [Modulate Goes Digital] Hollywood Squares Pt 2 (Love) 05. Pierre Santino - [Apparel Music] Listen to Me 06. Pierre Santino - [Apparel Music] I Love Jazz House 07. Wattie Green - [Flapjack] Love Exchange 08. Veev - [Juiced Music] My Curiosity (Origina

  • House Sessions #35 - September 2013 Podcast

    02/09/2013 Duración: 01h30min

    September is here, and that means I’m back for another installment of my jackin, funky, disco, movin’ & groovin’ house podcast. This time around, nothing but heat with 19 brand new tracks for ya’ll. Each and every one of thes track is seriously bangin’. So turn the volume up, get up and as always…enjoy! Tracklist: 01. Sean Roman - [Assembly] All The Things He Said 02. Wallas - [Twins Mansion] New York 03. Lipp Trixx - [HARD] Where Its At 04. Alvaro Smart – [Soulman Music] My Thang (Original Mix) 05. Rescue - [Pocket Jacks Trax] Front To Back (Funky Trunkers) 06. Andrey Slam feat Miss N - [Baci Recordings] Superstar (Aback) 07. Hollywood Hills & Drew Scott - [Maison] You Can Get It 08. Petrus - [Deepjacking] Glue 09. Le Babar & Milty Evans feat Kid Enigma - [Whitebeard] Time To Boogie (The 1200 Warriors Washington Heights Remix) 10. Erik Bo - [Funk Mansion] Love Thang 11. Gussy - [294 Records] Miss E (Lucas Rezende) 12. Mousse T. - [Peppermint Jam] More I Get (Mousse T Bass Reload) 13. Mr Radiator & Solco - [M

  • Sundown Smith - Deep Summer Nights 3

    03/08/2013 Duración: 01h57s

    I decided to start a regular deep house mix as well, so here is the next installment of Deep Summer Nights. Also, a new alias to separate my regular sound from the deep house vibe as well. So yeah…that’s still me in there. Ok, this month its really deep and bass heavy with some lovely grooves and vocals laced in there. 2 tracks get the double treatment, cause’ they are twice as nice! Sundown Smith aka Kingsley Flowz: Tracklist: 01. Monsieur M. - [Savoir Faire Musique] Appletini (Dimi Wilson) 02. Helvert feat Eilf Bicer - [Bass Cadet] Neu 03. Monsieur M. - [Savoir Faire Musique] Appletini (John Diloo) 04. Forrest. - [DFTD] YSL 05. Ofuren - [FOMP] Yahweh 06. Michael McLardy - [Highway 420] You Feel 07. Magalie - [White Widow Records] A Guide To Happiness 08. Magalie - [White Widow Records] A Guide To Happiness (Mecre) 09. Yooj & Steve Huerta - [Avotre] Make Me Bad (Dub) 10. Mihai Popoviciu - [Highgrade] Slightly Pale 11. Delta Quadrant - [Intimate Venues] One With Me 12. Tooth Faeries - [Classic Music Com

  • House Sessions #34 - August 2013 Podcast

    30/07/2013 Duración: 01h27min

    For the August podcast, it’s back to the usual stuff. This time around, a solid funky disco jackin house mix with a touch of soulful house bookmarking the mix. It was also time for some changes in the presentation of the podcast. It seems like a good idea for a standard name from hereon on As House Sessions. Special shout out to DJ Craig Twitty for putting me on notice about that fantastic Chris Nigel-At Migs House track, which got my own twisty twist on it. As always…Enjoy! Tracklist: 01. Moon Boots – [French Express] Love Strong 02. MNEK vs. Disclosure - [Free Download from] White Noise (Scott Diaz Gospel Excursion) 03. Max One - [Dizzy Funk] Program the Jam (Jay Marks Jazzy Dub) 04. Funky Trunkers - [Pocket Jacks Trax] Feel This (Lucas Rezende) 05. Mr Radiator & Solco - [Meltin Funk] Physical Attraction 06. Tommy Largo - [Deepjacking] Heavenly 07. Static Wave - [KleenHouse] Lovin 08. Grand Funk Device - [GrooveTraxx] Who's Back 09. Wattie Green - [Full House Digital] Keepin Time 1

  • July 2013 Podcast - Deep Summer Nights 2

    08/07/2013 Duración: 02h01min

    Yes, it’s that time, the annual Deep House mix is here! Once in a while I like to switch things up and go back to my deep house roots with my Deep Summer Nights series. This mix is also kinda special since I recorded it live at an event in D.C. this past Friday. So not as perfect as I usually like but, still glorious, it’s a mix of tracks that I absolutely love and have had for a while along with a few newer and equally as awesome tracks, including one of my own I snuck in. If all goes well, I might start a monthly deep house thing at the venue, and maybe also a monthly of my regular funky jackin house. But I digress…So sit back and enjoy the deeper sounds of House. Tracklist: 01. Electronica Gainsbourg - [I Love Serge #04] Bonnie & Clyde - Herbert's Fred & Gi 02. Prommer, Barck, Lois Longerling - [Best Works Records] Lovin' (Andre Lodemann Remix) 03. The White Lamp - [Futureboogie Recordings] It's You (Ron Basejam Remix) 04. James Dexter - [Lost My Dog] Nothing To 05. Matt Prehn - [Large] Love You Back 06.

  • June 2013 Podcast - Get Up to Get Down

    07/06/2013 Duración: 01h09min

    For the June Podcast, its back to the old classics for me with a remastered version of one of my favorite mixes. Enjoy! Tracklist: 1. Nathan G feat Alexander East - [Luvbug] Thang 4 U (Giom) 2. Joel Brittain - [Tango] Fancy Footwerk 3. Nate Laurence & Scrubfish - [Control] Beatmaps & Burlap 4. Andy Meston - [Native Soul] Too Funky 5. Homero Espinosa - [Smoke City] On The Vibe 6. Virtual Funk -[Roadhouse] Magic Affair (Lucas Keizer mix) 7. Tommy Largo - [Control] sample basics (take 3) 8. Jorge Watts & Sonny Fodera - [Sly City] Im For Real 9. Ronan Ft. Morrison - [Onethirty] Funky Thing (Jay-J Shifted Up Dub 2) 10. Evolve feat Margo Reymundo - [Shifted]The Way Back (Random Soul Mix) 11. Dj Dealer - [Look at You] Is You Is 12. Bibliotek feat Kadenz - [Good Vibration] Getting Started (Joey Youngman) 13. Wattie Green - [Flapjack] Oh My Lawd 14. White Collar Criminals - [Jackin Tracks] Wanting You (Frequent Fliers) 15. Unclesound - [Etoka] Don't Worry 16. Jon Delirious - [Nordic Trax] Raised

  • Archives - December 2009 Podcast: Movin & Shakin

    23/05/2013 Duración: 01h19min

    Tracklist: 1. Chris Harris & Dom Martin - Mama Says [Guesthouse] 2. J&M Brothers - Supernatural Music [Music Taste] 3. Toka Project - Gonna B Alrite [Llama Farm] 4. Will Jax - Bass Licks [Greenhouse] 5. Chris Quadrant - Old Skool Junkie [Funk Mansion] 6. Emil Lanne - Honey [Flapjack] 7. Fabio Bacchini - Better Days(Nate Laurence) [Funkfield] 8. Fabio Bacchini - Better Days [Funkfield] 9. Tom Drummond - Downstrokin (Inland Knights) [Blockhead] 10. Erik Bo I Hear Music [Funk Mansion] 11. John Hawley - Electric Lush [Audio Indkia] 12. Jackin Box - Find Myslef (lost it found it mix) [Flapjack] 13. Sean Biddle - Cosmic Lust [Round House] 14. Chris Harris & Dom Martin - This is It [Guesthouse] 15. Homera Espinosa - Don't go Too Low (Dave Miller) [illegal Cargo] 16. Emil Lanne - Thats The Way [Flapjack] 17. Emil Lanne - The Leg Up [Flapjack] 18. Olivier Desmet - Just Like Heaven (Tommy Largo) [Amenti] 19. Ned Flanders - Memory Loss [Private Box]

  • Archives - September 2009 Podcast: Thursday Night Blend

    23/05/2013 Duración: 01h14min

    Tracklist: 1. Atom - Erykha Badu_Real Thang [Unreleased] 2. TBF - Circles [Digifunk] 3. Souldoubt & Astraglide - Brezzin(full cut) [Ambiosphere] 4. The Littlemen ft. Crash - Holding On [Aroma] 5. Jason Merle - Move Your feet(Giano) [Yerba Buena Disco] 6. Ross Couch - Way of the Samurai [Body Rhythm] 7. TBF - Fool to Love You [Dustpan] 8. Bryab Jones - Make you move [I Records] 9. Digital Villains - Busted Speaker [Jackin Tracks] 10. TBF - The Disco Way [Dustpan] 11. The Sound Republic - Bumpin Enjoyment(Jason Hodges) [Spatula City] 12. Roshan - Pimpin Daze [Unreleased] 13. Digital Villains - I'm Down [Fetish] 14. Movi Star ft. Tyree Cooper - Happy People [Groove Baby] 15. DJ Jacq - J2K [Real Estate Records] 16. Edmund - Walkin to the Show(Emile Lane) [Onethirty] 17. Tommy Largo - What's Up [Tight] 18. Eric Davenport -Gettin Real funky(Freaky R. Mix) [Guesthouse] 19. Emile Lane - Beat Street [Onethirty] 20. Adobi One Kenobi - Lookin Damn Fine [Highjack]

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