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A breathless adventure of courage and survival in a warming climate.

United by greed and self-interest. But not their own. A boy lives in a remote, snow-bound village with his elderly grandmother. Their traditional way of life is threatened by the changing snow and ice: it melts faster every year. When the sea-ice collapses while he is out hunting, he only just escapes with his life and is left stranded in the Arctic tundra. Meanwhile a girl is trying to adapt to another new school. Her father promises his new job at an oil company will mean they never have to move again, but not long after he starts, his behaviour becomes odd and secretive. When their fates take a drastic turn the girl's world collides with the boy's and they find themselves together in a desperate search for survival, and for the truth.

Praise for the author: “Exceptional... vivid, convincing and empathetic... it grips us with the need to know how the heart-stopping events will turn out... a tale of our time, imparting understanding and sympathy... powerfully told, without sentimentality” SUNDAY TIMES


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