Sanctioned Age of Expansion - A Kurtherian Gambit Series

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General Lance Reynolds needs Molly’s team for a clandestine operation. The only problem? It kicks off in one week, and the Syndicate needs cleaning up once and for all.

So what is a girl to do?

Go on the offensive, of course.

But with the ultimate take down planned for the bad guys of Planet Estaria, you know it’s going to be epic.

But at what cost?

Please note: Inside this audiobook is cursing, amusing cursing, but cursing nonetheless. If bad language offends you, perhaps this audiobook is not for you.

Set on the foundation laid by the Kurtherian Gambit series, The Ascension Myth tells an entirely new story in the Age of Expansion - when the Etheric Empire is fast becoming the Etheric Federation with all of the trials and tribulations that come with bringing together different peoples, systems, and ideals.


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