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Finn No Last Name has fled her crewmates aboard Independence, after discovering that she'd been betrayed by the person she trusted most.

Now on her own, she searches for other hybrids like her, with powers she can only imagine. That search brings her to Enyo, a Sirian warrior who has been a captive of the Reliance for years. Finally free, she is more than eager to join Finn on her mission to locate and free more hybrids.

But that search brings her back to Independence, whether she likes it or not. And back to Conrad whom she is starting to realize has feelings for her she can't quite fathom. And to Iliana, her long-lost sister, whose breach of trust left Finn feeling even more alone than she had when she thought Iliana dead.

With Enyo and AJ in tow, Finn goes on a mission to locate and free other hybrids, only to find herself in a true battle between life and death, in front of an audience of thousands . . .


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