The Luminous Solution

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From the Stella Prize-winning author of The Natural Way of Things and The Weekend.

In this essential, illuminating book, award-winning writer Charlotte Wood shares the insights she has gained over a career paying close attention to her own creativity, to the world around her and the working methods of leading artists in many fields.

Drawing on research and decades of observant conversation and immersive reading, Charlotte shares what artists can teach the rest of us about inspiration and hard work, how to pursue truth in art and life, and how to find courage
during the difficult times: by facing down what we fear and keeping going when things seem hopeless.

‘A rich inner life is not just the preserve of the arts. The joys, fears and profound self-discoveries of creativity—through making or building anything that wasn’t there before, any imaginative exploration or attempt to invent—I believe to be the birthright of every person on this earth. If you live your life with curiosity and intention—or would like to—this book is for you.’ CHARLOTTE WOOD, from the Preface to The Luminous Solution