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The Future of Content Creators and How to Evolve with Rachel Nguyen



What does it take to become a content creator? This week, Puno chats with Rachel Nguyen, Fashion Blogger & Youtuber. Rachel discusses how she got her start in content creation and continues to find success through her evolution. She is sharing a ton of tips and the future she sees for content creators.  Follow Rachel’s journey on Instagram @thatschic and give her YouTube channel a watch at Special thanks to our sponsors! When your business is ready to make that next hire, find the right person with LinkedIn Jobs. Just visit to post a job for free. Terms and conditions apply. With HelloFresh, you get fresh, pre-measured ingredients and mouthwatering seasonal recipes delivered right to your door. Go to and enter code GIRLBOSS12 for 12 free meals, including free shipping! Gusto is an easy, online payroll and benefits service built for modern small businesses. Head to and get three months free when you run your first pay