Techpoint Charlie

Episode 21: Measuring Success



Alaa Sarhan (@TweetingAlaa) Fullstack Engineer at Doodle is inviting Armin Bognar Product Advisor and Head of Product at Orderlion and Marc Sandifer Senior Product Manager at Contorion for a conversation to exchange and share their knowledge and experiences around measuring success in product companies; a topic that is or must be near and dear to every Product Manager, Product Designer and  pretty much any Individual Contributor in a product team.What success do we want to measure?How do we shift from output-driven to impact-driven process and culture?How can we measure impact of our changes, small or big, operational or strategic?In this episode, we mentioned:ICE Scoring Method as a useful tool for trying to quantify your ideas, which might be even more helpful to do when you can't rely on data to back those ideas with.Disney's four keys to Guest Experience as an example of how prioritized goals help teams and individuals act in an aligned and autonomous ways while carrying their day-to-day work.OK