Sasha Guhrke

Welcome to the Sasha Guhrke podcast, where amazing things happen.


Laura is dying. She confidently predicts that she will be reincarnated as an otter. When the day before her funeral, a she-otter goes on the rampage in her arch nemesis Egbert's...

Laura Whynacht

Welcome to Ton of Why, because there's tons of "Why am I doing this?" and "why are they doing that?" and often no answers

Laura Alejandra

Welcome to Laura Alejandra, where amazing things happen.

Laura Goodrich

Laura GoodrichInnovator l Cinematic Micro-Learning Producer l Author l SpeakerTV l Radio l Program HostLaura is an internationally recognized expert in change and the future of...

La Inocente Laura

La inocente Laura es una comedia teatral del autor Lope de Vega. Basada en una obra de Giambattista Giraldi y en la línea de las comedias famosas del Siglo de Oro Español, narra...

A História De Laura

Laura era uma pessoa muito dinâmica, alegre e uma mãe PERFEITA. Após ficar diabética, uma grande batalha começou, pois além do diabetes vieram várias doenças pelos seus...

Dear Laura

Wimbledon, England, 1889. When Theodore Crozier is found dead the neighbourhood hopes the cause may be suicide, if only to spare further pain for both his dutiful wife Laura and...

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