Valhalla Herbals

We teach you everything about being healthy, strong, and happy naturally.

Valhalla Found

In 980 AD a Viking fleet, banished from their native Greenland, sailed west across a savage and icy sea.After making the perilous journey, they found a world abounding with lush...

View From Valhalla

View from Valhalla provides weekly reviews of works of podio fiction (podiobooks) and interviews with the authors.This Podcast was created using

Valhalla Lounge

The Angry Viking and Matt Jarbo discuss life, movies, news, porn, and everything in between.

Marching to Valhalla

In his New York Times bestselling novel Dances with Wolves, Michael Blake created an unforgettable saga of white and Native American cultures. Now in Marching to Valhalla, Blake...

Viking In Valhalla

All things Viking, all things warrior, all things combat sport. Woodworking, construction, fighting, health and fitness.

Ladies of Valhalla

A family-friendly female-focused podcast looking at all aspects of geek culture.

Desde El Palacio Valhalla Podcast

¡Hola!, y bienvenid@ al Palacio Valhalla, un podcast itinerante (seguimos trabajando en que sea regular) donde su anfitrión, Ragnarok, comparte de todo un poco sobre historieta...

Slaves of Valhalla

Fenrir the wolf howls. Bifrost beckons. And Wes answers.The enigmatic Australian SAS commando awakens into a maelstrom of death and destruction, his memory in tatters, and his...

Michael Sullivan Viking In Valhalla

What Makes a modern Viking? Thats a complicated question, but we have the answers! Modern masculinity and Vikingism. Thats what we are all about! We will talk about fighting,...

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